Genetic testing critical illness insurance

Can genetic testing influence your critical illness insurance rates?

Critical illness insurance has been around in Canada for over a decade now, yet only roughly 10% of Canadians have this protection in place. Now, new legislation regarding genetic...

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life insurance questions

25 questions you will be asked when applying for life insurance

Insurance companies generate their life insurance policy proposals on the basis of the information provided by the subscriber, possibly supplemented by a medical examination. But do you know what...

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Marijuana Life Insurance

Insurers set to handle Marijuana legalization with open arms

As Canadians start to countdown the days leading to the legalization of recreational marijuana, so will Canadian Insurance Companies, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how many Canadians have...

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Cash value

Cashing out life insurance: what are the advantages and limitations?

Although one does not typically buy a permanent life insurance policy just to withdraw its cash value some time later, there are situations that require accessing funds quickly. Those...

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Insurance shopping online

5 benefits of shopping for insurance online

Today, almost everything can be found on the Internet, including insurance. You can find the best offer for you, get quotes and talk with a broker. To navigate among...

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Mortgage insurance

Life insurance for your mortgage loan: discover its benefits

Many borrowers mistakenly believe that they have to purchase the mortgage insurance offered by their lender. This is absolutely wrong! You can get your mortgage life insurance policy from...

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3 things to know about no medical exam life insurance

Car, mortgage, home, there are items in our life that almost automatically come with insurance to protect them from damage or loss. While the reflex to ensure these material...

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Life insurance: irrevocable or revocable beneficiaries?

That’s it, you’re almost there: after doing your research, getting your quotes and comparing the different offers, you’re ready to apply for life insurance! Congratulations, it’s a step towards...

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